Baby's Name Islamic Girl and Its Meaning

The name must have a good meaning according to religion, because in a name contained a variety of meanings and meanings. for that is in Islam the naming of a very important and become a good that can lead the child into a good person. So the parents should give a good name according to the guidance of Islamic teachings which have been arranged in Al.Qur'anul Karim. And this time we will give you a little reference to the name of an Islamic baby girl and its meaning in order to give you a little insight into the good Islamic names.
The name of an Islamic baby girl and its meaning can be found on various internet sites with a very large number. But too many choices will usually make you more confused. For this reason consider some steps you must do before determining the right name and best for your daughter candidate who among others is select a name that sounds beautiful with matching pronunciation. Do not choose a name that is difficult to pronounce, because it will make a child's nickname does not match the original name. then select a name that has a positive meaning. And most importantly do not be in a hurry in choosing a name for your child.
The series of Islamic baby girl names and their meanings
For those of you who want to better understand the names of Islamic baby girls and their meanings, we will give you a list of names of Islamic girl babies as well as their meanings for you to learn and then you can choose one to give to your soon-born baby. Immediately see the following list of names.
Ambara Zahrah means fragrant blooming flowers fragrant
Azizah Zahra Ratifah means noble, beaming and having good character
Balqis Faiha Balighah means Balqis queen who has many advantages and articulate
Fatimah Adibah Saidah means to imitate Fatimah daughter of Rasulullah SAW which is good and civilized akhlak
Hafizah Salma Syarifah means the noble memorizing woman of the Koran and keeping salvation
Ibnaty Nurul Aini means My daughter who gives light to the eyes
Gazala Nisa Salwanabila means a charming and sweet woman
Farhana Dzu Hasna means beautiful woman who has happiness and joy
Fayza Rahmillah means who prevail over Allah SWT affection
Fakhirah Zahrahusniah means nice buga nan charming
Firyal Luthfiyah Azka means Egyptian Pharaoh's daughter who is gentle and holy
The tone of Farah Maulida means the woman is generous and is born in happiness
Nadiya Maulida Husna means generous and born in goodness
    Qamira Nur Syifa means white woman clean luminous healing
    Qahiya Thasa Rahimah means qahiya thasa rahimah
    Qafisha Qurratul'ain means a deft woman who becomes an eye decorator
    Qaila Halimah means a wise leader woman
    Qafiya Nurul Jannah means a clever honor and expert paradise
    Qabila Maila Muhsinah means responsible and inclined to goodness
How is the sequence of Islamic baby girl names and their meanings described above? is it according to your wishes ?? If there are still less fit, you can change the position of the above name to be beautiful without reducing its meaning. So a brief review we can convey, thank you for being faithful to us, hopefully useful ...
Description: The name of an Islamic baby girl and its meaning can you use as an example or reference source in preparing the name for your baby girl candidate.

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