Delicious Original Chicken Opor

Delicious Original Chicken Opor Recipe
Opor ayam is a mandatory food menu on the day of Eid. The biasnya processed chicken is given a yellow coconut milk will be juxtaposed with ketupat. Although almost every house always serves this dish on the table, but one chicken opor with another opor will offer a different taste sensation. Well, for those of you who want to cook a delicious chicken opor on the day of Eid arrives, there is no harm in trying your recipe opor chicken this. Surely with this recipe you will produce a dish that makes the tongue lovers will not stop swaying.
Materials needed on chicken opor recipes:
• Fresh chicken ½ kg
• Coconut 1 egg (old)
• Garlic 3 cloves
• Onion 10 cloves
• Laos 1 cm
• Candlenates 5 grains
• Cilantro ½ tbsp
• Cumin ¼ tbsp
• Pepper powder ¼ tbsp
• Lemongrass 1 stem, crushed
• Two-leaf greetings
Salt to taste
• Red Sugar ½ tbsp
How to make a delicious chicken opor
1. The first step if you want to try the chicken opor prescription is to prepare all the materials needed, do not miss anything because it will affect the taste of chicken opor.
2. Next, wash the chicken clean and cut into pieces, set aside.
3. Make thick coconut milk and liquid milk from an old coconut grain.
4. Uleklah the spices mentioned above, except, bay leaves, laos, and lemongrass.
5. Pour the molten coconut milk in a large sized pan, add the spices, and you can stir it until boiling.
6. After coconut milk boiling and spice mixed evenly, enter the chicken pieces, and pour the thick coconut milk in it.
7. Do not lift it, before the chicken you cook really mature and tender.
8. Opor delicious chicken ready to be served on the table.
Once you know how to make a delicious chicken opor, surely you can not wait to make a special Lebaran cuisine in your home kitchen. Or, if you are a person who really likes the chicken opor, you can make this chicken processed as the mainstay menu of families at home. Indeed, opor is perfect if you pair with ketupat. However, if it seems you are lazy to make ketupat, you can change opor friends into rice or lontong. Hopefully the information about chicken opor recipe above can be used as a reference for the readers.
Description: Chicken opor recipes you must know and you try if you intend to entertain the guests who come to the house with processed chicken with good taste in the day of Eid.

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