How to Make High Quality Cattle Feed

How to make cattle feed - Every breeder must want the results of livestock fat, healthy and quality to gain profits. But to realize all that, not a few breeders who find it difficult to meet the complete standard of nutrition is needed, so the mismatch feed is often a major constraint cattle fattening process. And on this occasion we will provide information that you can make as a reference to make your own high quality feed.
How To Make Concentrated Feed For Cattle
For the cattle fattening process, concentrate feed is indeed one of the mandatory factors that must be met. In addition to being able to meet the necessary nutrients, concentrate feeding can also speed up the cow's digestive system that makes the fattening process faster. For this reason, high-quality concentrate feed is needed to support livestock yields. You can get this concentrate feed from the factory or make it yourself with the recommended ingredients. To make a good quality concentrate feed, you can combine several organic ingredients that you can easily get in the neighborhood.
The materials needed to make cattle concentrate feed are very simple, among others are fine bran, copra or coconut cake, soybean bouquet and cake waste each with 20% composition. 15% cassava cassava, 5% chocolate flour and a small amount of calcium or flour for additional. To make it too easy, after you weigh each ingredient according to the required composition, then mix the ingredients in sequence one by one from the percentage of the highest to the lowest composition, mix well, then put all the ingredients into the grinding machine to really true, then you can weigh as needed before used as cow feed.
How To Feed Feed Concentrate In Cattle
Once you know how to make high quality cattle feed, then there should be a dose or the right dose for animal feed. This concentrate feed is very influential on the increase of cow weight up to 1.2 kg per day for each cow and able to make the quality of meat better, if given in the right dosage. The comparison of feeding of forage with concentrate feed is 30: 70% or 20:80 per cent according to the weight of the cow and the required requirement. As for the time itself can be given once a day ie in the morning before the feeding of staples forage.
In addition to feed forage concentrate feed should also be considered. The main feed of this cow can be classified into 3 categories namely fresh forage feed, dry forage and silage hioja. To feed fresh green can be a plant or green rumputan and nuts. For best quality feed you can provide elephant grass, king grass, lamtoro leaf or petai china, and turi leaf as fresh forage feed. Meanwhile, when the dry season arrives, you can provide forage dry feed such as rice straw, corn leaves, sugar cane leaves, or Imperata as alternative feed.
And to complete the feed you can provide feed silage which is a fresh forage fermented feed. How to make cattle feed is done by placing it in a container and closed tightly until the fermentation process succeeded. Those are some ways of making cattle feed, all of which you can combine to get healthy, quality and quality livestock.
Description: How to make cattle feed is very easy, and the materials needed are also quite easy to find around us. But need the right composition to get the best quality.

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