How to Succeed Catfish Fish for Beginners

Catfish is one type of fish that has been generally cultivated, this is because catfish can live in high density. so the catfish are considered very profitable. But in reality, many breeders are losers and eventually folded. This will only happen if your way of cultivating this fish is wrong. To cultivate these catfish there are two segments, namely the hatchery segment and the enlargement segment. Both are very influential in the continuity and success of your cultivation.
Segment Catfish Hatchery
One of the determinants of the success of catfish is the quality of the seeds in stock. to get a superior catfish seeds you can do your own hatchery or buy seeds of catfish with sangkuriang type, because this seed is considered the most superior. In addition to seed seeds selected from the seeded type, you also have to pay attention to the quality of the seed, which is a good seed movement agile, no defect on the surface of the body, measuring approximately 5-7 cm. After selecting a good seed, before you spread out consider the uniformity of seed size, and adjust the temperature of the pond water with the water temperature of the seed. And for the density distribution try not too dense, kkurang more 200-400 head per square meter, depending on the quality of pond water.
Segment Enlargement Catfish
Segment enlargement is a step that must be done to produce catfish ready for consumption. And this segment that requires the most cost in the business of catfish. for that it needs to be carefully calculated, especially in the selection of feed and additional feeding. As we know catfish is a fairly greedy fish, for that feeding should be done regularly 2X a day either in the form of pellets or concentrates are made yourself to avoid the number of fish deaths.
In addition to these two things, to ensure the success of catfish farming, there are some things you need to consider, namely related to pond water management and pest and disease control. So a few reviews related to catfish, hopefully useful ..
Description: Cattle catfish is a promising business if done properly and mature management.

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