How To Treat My Natural Miom Without Surgery

Myomic drugs without surgery  Myoma is a benign tumor of the uterine muscle that generally grows in the uterine lining. And in the productive period, the myoma will develop faster, but the development of this myom depends on the health condition of every body. The lower the immune, the myoma will be more developed. However, miom classified as harmless and not at risk of cervical cancer. There are various ways of miom treatment, either through therapy, drugs or by surgery.
Causes of Miomic Illness
Before you look for alternative miom medications without surgery that suits your condition, first you must know the factors causing myoma. There are several factors behind the growth of myoma in the wall of the womb. The first factor is the genetic factor. Women who are hereditary with miom are generally 2.5 times more likely to suffer from myoma than those who have no lineage with myoma. In addition to genetic factors, the age factor is also one of the factors causing myoma, where women aged over 50 years have a 50% higher risk than women who are still in productive age.
The next causative factor is the hormonal factor. The emergence of miom in the uterine wall one of them caused by hormonal factors that estrogen hormones dominate the myoma tissue when compared with the concentration of this hormone estrogen in normal myometrial tissue, especially during the period of mesntruasi or in the proliferation phase where hormone production is higher.
And the last factor is an unhealthy lifestyle, such as diet to bad habits. As we know the diet becomes one of the factors that affect our health condition, foods that can trigger the growth of myoma in the uterine wall among them are half-cooked food or raw foods, processed foods, preserved foods and various types of foods containing chemicals in it . To reduce the risk of this myoma consumption of green vegetables or fruits is needed. Not only that obesity or obesity is also a factor causing myoma growth, especially if you include people who are lazy to exercise or even you have a habit of smoking, because the risk of growing myopia will be higher. These are some of the factors that can cause myoma. alternative natural remedies you can choose with therapy or by taking the myoma drug without surgery.
How To Treat Miom Without Surgery
After ensuring the presence of miom in your uterus through the examination of ultrasound and ultrasound then you can then choose an alternative treatment. There are several ways that can be done to reduce to eliminate miom which among others is with therapy, drugs to surgery. And for those of you who choose myomic drug therapy without surgery then you can choose hormone therapy by lowering the levels of the hormone estrogen especially in the productive age. Hormone therapy is generally supported with medical drugs. But at the age of menopause the size of the myoma will decrease as the decrease in estrogen production in the body.
In addition you can also consume herbal medicines that have been reliably clinically. You can make your own traditional medicine at home by using medicinal plants or buying ready-made herbal medicines. Visit, to see various miom medications that suits your condition. Thus information related to myomic drugs without surgery that we can convey, may be useful ..
Description: Non-surgical miom medication you can choose that suits your condition, and so as not to cause side effects, select safe and clinically tested miom drugs

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