Know Natural Ingredients To Overcome Itching Around Us

Curious about natural itchy remedies? Previously, itchy skin is a skin disorder caused by germs or bacteria that accumulate in the skin. This skin disorder is often considered trivial, but even so without you knowing this skin disorder will be dangerous if not treated promptly. If itchy skin irritates you? what are you doing? do you scratch it? or treat it ?. Most people relieve itching of the skin by scratching it, but it is not recommended, as it can cause severe skin irritation. To overcome this you can do treatment either from outside or from inside.
Causes of Itchiness in Skin
Before we discuss the natural itchy drug, you should first understand the factors that cause itching on the skin to know the proper way of treatment. There are a variety of reasons behind the onset of itching of the skin. From the lightest cause to the problem is quite heavy. For mild itching is generally caused by several things, such as insect bites, and allergic effects from food, environment, weather or allergic feathers are characterized by the appearance of bumps and itching in certain areas of the body. In addition itchy skin is also caused by some skin diseases such as scabies, panu, eczema and other skin diseases that require more intensive treatment.
How To Treat Itching Naturally
There are various ways you can choose to treat itching on the skin, such as using itching oils, balm, talcum powder and other similar drugs in the market. However this alternative treatment can only reduce the temporary itchiness. If the itching re-emerges, then you can choose other treatment alternatives, either medically or choose traditional medicine in the form of herbs. But to avoid the side effects of natural itching drugs are more advisable. There are a variety of natural ingredients to overcome the itching that we can find around us, what are the natural ingredients?
The first natural itchy drug we can get from green coconut water. Efficacy of this natural ingredient is not a secret anymore, in addition to being able to treat itching, green coconut water can also treat itching due to allergies that are caused by food, weather or environment. Green coconut water serves to neutralize the effects of toxins in foods that cause allergies. To use it, you can mix young coconut water with real honey, and consumed for three days in a row. Then the allergies will subside, even if the routine is consumed also can heal permanently.
Laurel leaves can also be a natural itching agent, the leaves are commonly used as a spice this kitchen has properties that we do not expect. In addition to treating various chronic diseases, herb salts can also be efficacious treat itching. How to process it is also very easy, ie by smoothing some sheets of bay leaves until smooth, then diusapkan or affixed on the body that feels itchy. Use this herb whenever you feel itchy, and for maximum benefit, replace this leaf blend 2-3 times a day. Perform until the itchy discomfort you experience is completely subsided.
The next natural ingredients that can be used as natural itchy remedies are aloe vera or aloe vera. Where in the leaves of this aloe vera contains a powerful gell to overcome the itching in the body. aloe vera itself has been used as a skin remedy as it has been proven to treat a variety of watery skin diseases and dry skin diseases. To be able to use it you just need to cut the leaves of this aloe vera, take the gel and apply on the part of the itchy body. To speed up the healing process do this as often as possible.
In addition to these ingredients, did you know that clay is also able to become a powerful itchy natural remedy over itching and cure skin irritation caused by itching. Clay will attract toxins attached to the skin, so the itching will be reduced. To apply it is very easy. First mix the clay with a little water to get a slightly liquid texture, then apply this clay on the part of the body itch. You can also use the covering to maximize its properties. Very simple is not it?
That's some natural ingredients that can be used as a natural itching agent. In addition, there are still other ingredients that are not less efficacious, such as turmeric, coconut oil, lemon and so forth. But if your allergy does not stop, immediately check your condition to the doctor, hopefully the article related to natural ingredients for itching drugs can be useful ..
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