Livestock Fish Easy and Profitable Mujair

One of the cultivation of fish is quite profitable with a capital that is not too big is a mujair fish cattle. Its capital is not too big with rapid development, making this business quite potential. Besides this fish farming can also be done anywhere, both ground pool and tarpaulin pond. Noteworthy for the soil pond should select land with clay to avoid water leakage with a slope of 3-5%. Note the water inlet and keep the water clean with a temperature of about 15º-20º Celsius.
Segment Enlargement of Mujahir Fish
When you start a fish cultivation business, there are many things you should prepare, and one of them is a fish breeding pool. when the fish is ready you can spread the seeds. In general the process of preparation of ponds and hatchery on moulman fish with other fish is the same as other fish. What distinguishes is the type of feed given. Where to speed up the development of mujair fish in feeding should also be accompanied by additional feed. to feed this mujair fish you can provide fish meal, copra flour, with the main feed of fine bran with extra pellet. And feeding is given twice a day, morning and afternoon.
Tips In The Mujair Fish
When you choose a mujair fish cattle business, there are some things you should look at to prevent pests and diseases, among others is to drain the pond regularly every harvest is complete, the distribution is done with the right density, adequate feeding, and guarding the pool which is routinely done, to maintain the condition of the pond water and avoid the existence of animals that can prey on fish and the last treatment and removal of fish done with care and the right way.
So a few reviews related to the business opportunities of fish cultivation mujair and how easy to manage it as an inspiration for you who want to increase family income. Hopefully the information we have conveyed can be useful and bring success to you ...
Description: Livestock mujair fish is very easy to do, and become a profitable business prospects to supplement family income.

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