Modern Islamic Baby Girl Names

The name of modern Islamic baby girl is now much favored by young parents. in addition to using the name of the Arabic language, the list also combines the names with names that come from a foreign language, to form a series of beautiful names without overriding the meaning of religion. until no wonder many parents who choose to use this combination of modern Islamic names.
The Importance of Giving a Good Name
As a parent would expect to give the best name to the new born baby, as we know the name is an identity attached to the child, and as parents hope that can affect the future of the child, so parents are expected to be wise give a name to his baby. Besides beautifully spoken, a name must also have a good meaning in the eyes of religion and where human beings. For now the name of modern Islamic baby girl made as an alternative choice of parents, in addition to seem more unique, choice of names that can be used tend to be many and can be combined with a meaningful Islamic name.
Apart from being an identity, the name is also a prayer that is offered by parents for the survival of his child. Here we will give some examples of Islamic names that are modern nuances to later you can use as a reference in preparing a name for the female sex. And just to see the examples of modern Islamic baby girl's name is more complete, you can list the following names.
List of Modern Islamic Baby Names
Gisela Aminah: A trustworthy promise
Ghaniya alija: a wealth of treasures and good at treating
Ghadira arisha afifah: the woman is fertile, nimble and looked after from sin
Habibah qidzama lathifah: a noble lover who is generous and gentle
Inayah Sipta Renata: Attention of a wife is a sign of meaning
Halwah Qanita Raniah: a sweet woman who dazzles with filial piety
Hafizhah adhiyah: hafizhah adhiyah
Jafnah namila: a noble generous woman
Jahra najwa maliha: beautiful woman, good body and safe
Kahda zahra jamila: really fragrant and beautiful
Kaisa marhamah sajihah: sweet, smart and get His mercy
Khansa saniyyah: a good woman and noble dignity
Kauma safiya salsabila: high (body) and soft as the spring of heaven
Kabsya nisa abidah: the female leader who is the expert of worship
Tone of farah maulida: woman is generous and born in happiness
Qamira nur syifa: white woman clean luminous healing
Qahiya thasa rahimah: qahiya thasa rahimah
Qafiya nurul jannah: the clever honor and expert of paradise
List of names that we have mentioned above can be used directly, or you compose again with the name you have prepared before. God willing can represent your prayer and hope for the little who leads him to divine pleasure. Such are some of the sequences of modern Islamic female baby names that we can sample. Hopefully our little reviews can be useful and bring good to you. thank you for following us ...
Description: The name of modern Islamic Islamic babies are now mostly chosen by the parents, because in addition to interesting, also do not leave the impression of Islam.

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