Recipes How To Make Coconut Pancong Cake Delicious

Kayan Pancong Coconut Recipe is one of the traditional wet cake recipes that have a very distinctive taste with delicious and delicious taste. The pancong cake that has this serabi-like shape originally came from Betawi and was very popular at the time. And along with the increasing emergence of a variety of modern snacks make this traditional cake more marginalized its existence. For those of you who want to find a pancong cake now may be more difficult to find it.
Want to make your own cake at home ?? How to make coconut paca cake is quite easy. A delicious pancong cake is usually made from rice flour and grated coconut cooked on clay. This cake is very fitting if used as a friend to relax with tea or coffee. For those of you who want to feel nostalgic culinary pleasure pancong traditional, there is no harm in making this cake at home, following the complete recipe.
Kayan Pancong Coconut Recipes
Materials needed
• 2 pieces of shredded grated coconut (neither old nor young)
• 600 grams of rice flour (sieve)
• 1200 ml coconut milk
• 2 tablespoons fine salt
• 2 tablespoons of granulated sugar
How to Make Coconut Pohon Cake
1. To make this pancong coconut cake is quite easy. The first one prepared a large enough container for kneading cake ingredients.
2. Boil coconut milk that has been filtered first to boil. And make sure you keep stirring it to ensure that the coconut milk is not broken. After boiling lift and set aside.
3. Mix the rice flour, grated coconut, sugar and salt in the container you have prepared, stir all the ingredients until well blended.
4. Then put the coconut milk into the dough slowly while stirring slowly.
5. After all the ingredients are well blended, prepare the cake mold pancong. Preheat the mold first on medium heat.
6. Once the mold is ready, put the cakes baking dough into the mold with the size to taste, most importantly not too little or too much.
Wait until the cake is cooked, where the bottom of the cake has been browned and lifted.
8. To add flavor, you can add cheese, chocolate or sugar on the cake.
9. Your coconut pork cake is ready to serve.
This pousada cake will be more enjoyable if served while warm, with tea or coffee. and you can eat directly or you serve with toping according to taste. By cooking this pancong cake you also directly preserve the culinary heritage of the archipelago, considering the culinary traders are not as busy pancong first. Good luck with coconut pousada recipe at home ..
Description: Coconut cake recipe is a traditional wet cake recipe typical of Betawi famous for its tasty and delicious taste.

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