The Best Way of Cattle or Metal Cow Simental

Cattle business is one business that has good prospects, but to achieve business success requires precision and patience in running it. There are various types of cattle raised in Indonesia from local cattle, beef cattle to imported cattle. Metal cattle or so-called simental cattle are now popular and widely developed by cattle ranchers in Indonesia. This is because the simental cattle in the flavor is more advantageous when compared with local cattle, where simental cattle today can reach 800 kg for female cows and 1,150 kg for male simental cows.
Business Prospect of Cow or Metal Cow Simental
The prospect of simental cattle is quite good, as the imported beef cattle from Simme, Switzerland has several advantages which, among other things, are much larger than local cattle in general, have higher consumer appeal. Able to meet the community's need for increased beef and cow's milk. And require a relatively short maintenance period that is only ranging from 6 to 12 months to achieve maximum weight, which makes the risk of failure is smaller.
The Best Way of Cattle or Metal Cattle Simental
How cattle Metal cattle or simental cows are generally the same as cattle in general, but for maximum results and profits must be paid attention to several aspects related to the maintenance and management or management of this cattle business. Things to watch out for are the nursery process, feed and the condition of the cage.
For the cattle breeding process simental, the selection of male seeds and female seedlings should be considered. Male seedlings must have a large and healthy physique while for selected female seedlings that have 4 nipples, the slope of the vulva is not too upward as well as the relatively large and symmetrical shapes. In addition to health, the quality of cow seed care should also be really considered to get the results of quality metal cattle.
While for simetic cow feeding you can provide main feed such as green grass, tofu, nuts, agricultural waste, rice bran and concentrate onggok, and supplementary feed such as vitamins, miner and urea, with provisions 35-47 kg of green plants , 2-5 kg ​​of concentrate and 30-50 grams of additional feed per day adjusted to cow's weight. And the last factor to be considered is the condition of the cage. Terms of the cage that must be met include the position of the cage should be higher than the ground with wooden or bamboo cage base material and has a good air ducts and drains. For the size of the cage, should follow the established standard of 1.5 x 2 meters per tail for sapling cows and adult female cows, and 1.8 z 2 meters per cow for adult male cage.
Those are some things you should know when going to decide to choose simetic cattle or metal cattle as an effort. Just like any other livestock business, the key to success of any livestock business is yourself, so be prepared to care for livestock patiently and thoroughly in order to thrive and bring the expected benefits. Hopefully the information we have conveyed can inspire you.
Description: Metal cattle or simental cattle have good business prospects and are popular in Indonesia because it is considered more profitable than other cattle.

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