The Big Business Prospect of Poultry Fish

Cork fish is a fish budiadaya not too desirable, this is because cork fish is not as popular as other freshwater fish. Whereas statistically, people demand for cork fish is increasing, as more and more variety of processed cork fish, both as a mixture of food dough, and which is currently being processed into a cork fish extract that has many benefits for health.
The Advantages of Cork Fishes
In addition to few competitors, cork fish also offers various advantages and convenience, especially in terms of feed. Where this fish is a fish that has a strong body resistance, and very easy to feed, and most importantly the risk of death from fish farming is likely to be smaller than other freshwater fish farming. And considering the limited cork fish business is inversely related to the increasing demand of the cork fish market, the price of fish is likely to rise.
Tips Cattle Fish Cork
Cork is a very active and savage freshwater fish, where it includes highly gluttonous predator fish, not only prey on small fish, cork fish also prey on adult fish, and other animals around it including frogs. This is what the fish farmers are afraid of and hesitates entrepreneurs to start cork fish. However, this can be minimized in order to minimize the level of cannibalism, in the feeding should be done regularly, and regularly and should be accompanied by other foods rich in protein content, such as fish shakes, snail meat, worms or other small fish.
Considering the marketing and market of large-sized cork fish, accompanied by a promising price increase, this agro business opportunity for cork fish can be an inspiration and reference in starting a business. This tantalizing business prospect, who would want to miss it ??? So little of the reviews we can get. hopefully useful for you ..
Description: Cork fish is a big business opportunity with very low competitiveness.Tilapia is one type of fish that breed more quickly when compared with other fish. For this reason, tilapia fish are considered more profitable and more desirable by the fish farmers, in addition to the relatively high and stable selling price with a faster harvest time. In addition to the benefits offered in terms of economics, tilapia cultivation also offers a variety of facilities, such as feeding problems and places, where these tilapia can be cultivated in various places, either in ponds, keramba, floating net, or brackish ponds.
Business Potential of Tilapia Fish
Indigo tilapia has a good business potential, in addition to the high price, fish care is also not difficult, with the risk of a small loss, because the tilapia is more resistant to attacks of various diseases, have high endurance, with faster growth, besides that indigo can also eat all kinds of food and can adapt very well in all conditions. Looking at the various facilities offered both in terms of maintenance and development, the fish farming business is more likely to choose the type of tilapia to be cultivated.
Fast Way of Nile Tilapia
In starting a business of tilapia, the first thing you should do is prepare a pond as comfortable as possible for breeding fish. before filling the pond water, the pond should be dried first, note the channels in and out of water, calcification and fertilization. fill the pond with a depth of about 80-150cm. after 5-7 days tilapia seeds can be stocked with density of 5-10 tail / m², with seed size 8-12 cm. For further maintenance less than 4-6 months.
To accelerate the growth of fish, feeding becomes a very important factor, for tilapia fish you can provide feed in the form of bran or coconut pulp with pellets. In addition to meet the needs of fish feed, you can tampahkan green foliage. And the last keep the condition of the pool and feeding every day, May be useful ..
Description: Tilapia is much in demand by entrepreneurs because of its relatively high selling price with faster growth rate with easy maintenance.

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