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Having a baby is the greatest gift in a household. And when the baby is born, it must be happiness especially by young parents. all the preparations for the birth reception of the baby have been prepared with a mature as well as the name of the baby, even been prepared well in advance. then have steady with the choice of name that you have made ?? If there is still no chance to see some of the series of Islamic baby girl names we have summarized for you who are looking for an Islamic name reference for your baby girl.
Choosing an Islamic baby girl name is not easy, but every parent starch wants to give the best name for their baby so that later can grow into a good virtuous child, and become a proud child of both parents. so that all the prayers and expectations of the parents inserted in a name. Various series of Islamic and modern baby girl names are prepared to welcome the baby born into the world. But which name is better?
Indeed, all names are good although in a variety of languages, because in a name contains expectations and wishes of parents for their children. But in the Islamic religion would be better if the name is given in accordance with the advice of the holy verses Al.Qur'an. And below, there are several series of Islamic baby girl names that reflect the hope and prayers that are good for your baby. Check out the complete list below.
Women's Baby Names Series Is Islamic
AFRA NAILA ARKARNA means a woman of the thirteenth night of the full moon.
AINA TALITA ZAHRAN means the sparkling eyes of women.
AINIYA FAIDA AZMI means a woman who is tough hearted and useful for people like leafy semi
BAHIYYA ATIQA FAIHA means that beautiful princess has many advantages and perfect beauty
BASIMA WARDATUL ZHAHIRA means a woman whose smile is like a glowing rose
DURRRIYA NAILA TALITA means a woman who likes to give like a pearl
HAFIZA KHAIRA LUBNA means a woman who is kept good, intelligence, and holiness
IFTINA ASSYABIYA RAFIFA means an amazing woman in her character
KARIMA HAURA ZUHDA means white woman, noble, and low self
NAJWA KHAIRA WILDA means a woman who can whisper from an angel
NAURA HASNA ANNIDA means woman whose charm is very beautiful
SUHAILA ILMA NAFIA means the ease of obtaining the knowledge that benefits
TAMIMATU EL-QAIDA means woman as strong leader
TSABITA SHIFWA means that women can be friends who have perseverance
YUMNA FARIHA means a woman who always gets luck and happiness
ZAHIDA QALBI NADHIFA meaning is humble woman and have a clean heart
ZAHIRA FAIRUZ means a woman whose body light is like a gem
Given the importance of a name, before you regret in the future consider the selection of words and meanings contained therein. choose a name that is easy to mention so that others are not wrong in calling your child's name, because it is part of your prayer. Thus some of the series of Islamic baby girl names that we can convey, hopefully can inspire and help you in finding the best name for your baby candidate ..
Description: The sequence of Islamic baby girl names is a combination of names derived from Arabic as well as figures in the history of Isl

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