Tips Overcoming Itching In Pregnant Women

Pregnancy is what is expected by a married couple. But at this time the women should be ready to face various kinds of disorders and hormonal problems, one of which is the itching in some areas of the skin. Itching in pregnant women is a normal thing, in general this happens at the age of pregnancy is increasing especially in parts such as stomach, thigh, legs or breast area. This itch is not a serious problem, because it will be normal again after giving birth. However, if left alone will certainly interfere with the activity, and for treatment, you also can not be arbitrary, given the period of pregnancy is a fairly fragile period for the prospective baby. Here we will provide tips to overcome the itching in pregnant women are fast and safe.
Causes of Itching In Pregnant Women
Itchy disorders in pregnant women generally occur in the third quarter or when the pregnancy begins to enter the number 7-9 months. There are several underlying causes of this disorder, which include dry skin conditions, stretch lines on the surface of the skin especially in the abdominal area, and due to symptoms of PUPP (Pruritic Urticarial Papules and Plaques of Pregnancy) that occur due to increased hormones estrogen and hormones gonadotropin. This itching disorder is not dangerous if the disorder is still within normal levels.
Itching problems in pregnant women vary greatly in each person, from mild symptoms to severe disorders that can cause even swollen rash on the body. In this condition would be very disturbing, for that need to be given early treatment because it can be dangerous condition of the mother and the prospective baby. For treatment, doctors generally recommend a tropical ointment that can reduce itching on the surface of the skin only. And to speed up the process of treatment, of course, must be supported with a clean and healthy lifestyle. Because in addition to the above causes, itching of the skin can also be exacerbated by the onset of fungus on the skin.
How To Reduce Itchiness In Pregnant Women
To reduce itching in pregnant women, it usually tends to be done by scratching the itch area. But this method is not recommended, because it can cause irritation to the skin can even cause secondary infections. So when the itching is disturbing, sabaiknya can be itchy or if you want to scratch it, then do it carefully. And here are some ways you can do to reduce itching. Anything? Check out the following complete tips.
How to cope with itching in the first pregnant woman is to bathe using cold water. Cold water will help you suppress the itching of the skin and moisturize dry skin. In addition, should avoid bathing with warm water because it will aggravate the itching, and make the skin becomes dry. To moisturize the skin, should use a bath soap with low PH without perfume, such as baby soap. and then dry your body until clean by using a soft towel. To prevent irritation, do not wipe your skin by rubbing or pat the areas of itchy skin.
After that proceed by applying lotion to the whole body, especially on the body area that feel itchy. It aims to maintain skin moisture, helps prevent and reduce scratching. considering the risk of itching in pregnant women is very high, then make sure you always keep the skin moisture. You can use moisturizing lotion or use a very good olive oil to keep skin moist.
Itching in pregnant women can also be reduced by getting used to wearing clothing that easily absorbs sweat. Pregnant women in general often feel hot, this is because pregnant women produce more keringan compared to women who are not pregnant. And for excessive burns that cause the onset of itching, you can use loose clothing and from a soft and easy to absorb sweat. Loose clothing in addition will be more convenient to use, can also make the skin can breathe and reduce the friction between the skin and fabric cause itching and skin irritation.
How to cope with itching in pregnant women next is to increase the consumption of water, fruits and vegetables are very good for maintaining skin moisture. And to anticipate the hot weather, you can also compress the itchy skin with ice or cold water until the itch is reduced. But if the ways are not successful and still leave the itch that never go away, then immediately consult a dermatologist to get the right handling. Thus the article related to how to cope with itching in pregnant women, may be useful ...
Description: Itching in pregnant women is a natural thing, In addition to be lost by itself, itching can also be

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