Trend Gamis Batik Terbaru 2016

Gamis batik 2016 has now become one of the fashion collection that is always sought by the women with veiled to support her appearance. With a simple model, make this fashion model is always in demand, In addition to making the display more elegant and elegant, clothes robe can also be worn in all conditions and timeless by the development of the era. Of all models of clothes gamis, one of the trends is the latest batik gamis model. What kind of model that is becoming a fashion trends this?
Trend Gamis batik 2016
Gamis batik 2016 is very different from the model of the robe you imagine. Many people think that the shirt impressed ancient, but this perception is removed by the designers who can conjure batik cloth into a blend of modern and very elegant Muslim fashion. For the model itself is now batik that has become a trend is a combination of batik gamis. There are several types of combinations that are very harmoniously combined with batik materials such as a combination of brocade, chiffon, cotton, satin and a combination of blazer.
The latest batik motif of 2016 with the combination of materials is not new, but along with the development of fashion trends, simple materials such as chiffon, cotton, satin to brocade can be transformed into a beautiful and elegant clothing. For non-formal events or casual display you can combine this batik material with cotton or chiffon with a lighter color. As for the official event, alloy satin or brocade will be more appropriate.
While mixed blazer batik blouse can be an option for those of you who want to look more fashionable and trendy. Gamis this combination can be worn for work clothes, gamis party or non formal event with a more simple cut. For party events you can choose the color of the material is bright and shiny, while for non-formal event you can choose soft colors with simple motifs. Thus the trend of batik latest 2016, hopefully can inspire you.
Description: Gamis batik latest 2016 which is becoming trend of muslim fashion is batik combination combat, either combination of material or combination of blazer which is in high demand.

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