What Is Normal Cholesterol Normal Rates?

Among the general public, cholesterol is regarded as a threat that is quite dangerous to survival. Cholesterol is very closely related to health but not all cholesterol has a bad impact on health. The normal level of cholesterol is what determines whether cholesterol is safe or not. The body itself naturally produces cholesterol through the liver which is beneficial for clearing arteries. cholesterol produced by the body is quite good, and is known as HDL cholesterol (High Density Lippoprotein). What is dangerous is bad cholesterol, which is often consumed from unhealthy foods and high levels of saturated fat.
The Importance Of Knowing Cholesterol Normal Levels
High cholesterol is a condition that is not expected by everyone. because high cholesterol, especially if dominated by LDL or bad cholesterol, it will affect the emergence of diseases that are quite dangerous, such as heart, stroke that can affect the death. That's why the need to understand the limits of normal cholesterol and early checkup as a preventive measure.
In general, high cholesterol experienced by those who have entered the age of old or menopause, but along with the diverse unhealthy lifestyles undertaken by the community, now not infrequently high cholesterol is also experienced by those who are young and are in productive age. This is because bad cholesterol levels (LDL) in the body is quite high above 200 mg / dl and not accompanied by high HDL in the body. So what are the normal conditions of good cholesterol for health ??
Normal Cholesterol Levels
Normal cholesterol is a condition in which the amount of cholesterol in the body is in normal conditions owned by healthy people and does not cause certain diseases. good cholesterol levels between men and women are not the same, where for the size of men in general have HDL levels in the body ranges between 20-60 mg / dl, while for women are in the range between 20-60 mg / dl. If you have a higher HDL levels will certainly make your body healthier and certainly more avoid the risk of heart disease. Unlike LDL levels in the body, because the higher the LDL levels in the body it will be more dangerous, for the normal size, LDL levels between 100-129 mg / dl, enough for levels 130-159 mg / dl, and become high if it reaches more than 160 mg / dl.
Normal levels of cholesterol are also associated with triglyceride which is a fat that affects cholesterol levels, the higher the triglyceride levels then the blood cholesterol levels are also higher. triglyceride levels are good for health if less than 150 mg / dl. And in general the body is said to be in normal cholesterol conditions when less than 200 mg / dl.
Description: Normal cholesterol is a condition that everyone needs to know, which, in addition to knowledge, can also be useful as a precaution and healing action early.

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