5 Most Popular Android Games In Interest

Android Games is one application that much in demand and continue to be developed by the World game provider. With a smartphone specification that is quite supportive, you can enjoy a variety of android based games on your smartphone as a medium of entertainment. There are various types of best games developed by Android whether it's free or paid games. But there are some games that attract attention, here are some of the most popular android games that we summarize for you.
List of Most Popular Android Games In Indonesia
The most popular android games of the first are Asphalt 8 Airborne. This car balam game is much preferred because its features are not boring and can be played by some players. To get this game application you can download it in play store for free. In addition to Asphalt 8 Airborne, other application games that are not less interesting is Hay Day which is a professional game on farms and plantations that are suitable played by women and men of all ages.
Clash of Clans ranks third from the ranks of android games most in demand. Clash of clans or abbreviated COC is a games themed fight with mission to build defense and make troops to protect the village and attack other villages. And occupied the fourth position there is FIFA 15 Ulitimate Team which is very popular especially by those who like to play ball. This game you can get for free in the play store and play it according to the level you want to achieve. You can play and make game strategy here.
And the most popular android games worth trying for you to try is Line Get's Rich. This game is increasingly popular as the increase of Line application users. This monopoly game can be downloaded in the play store and can be played alone or team. This game is very interesting because to be able to win it needed a good game strategy. That's some list of favorite Android games that you can try, hopefully be entertained ..
Description: The most popular android game is a game app that combines entertainment and challenge that makes its users always challenged and not bored to play it.

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