Android Required Apps

Android is one of the operating system that is very easy and pamper its users. Moreover there are various applications that can be run by ANdroid, in addition to the default application android you can also download a variety of applications from the play store. Many applications are developed by Android, but not all of them can support performance even some can hinder and decrease the android working system. And the following mandatory android applications that you can use to support your activities.
5 Android Required Apps You Can Use
The first android required application is the chat app. This application certainly can not be separated from our daily activities. Chat applications that you can operate with Android include BBM, WhatsApp, Line, Facebook, Skype, Instagram and other social media that you can use to communicate and socialize to others. The next application that is important for you to have is an antivirus application. However, not all applications are safe to use, you can use one of the Android antivirus applications such as 360 Mobile Security, Avast, Avira, AVG and other antivirus.
The android mandatory application Next is the Web Browser. As you already know, to be able to enjoy all your Android applications would require an internet connection. With this web browser you can easily explore the virtual world, and can use social media to your heart's content. You can choose the best browser for your smartphone like Opera Mini, UC browser, Chrome and so forth. And for entertainment app you can add Android music player and video app to play music or video.
And the latest android mandatory app is the android games. Applications of this game is a fun medium of entertainment. Moreover there are a variety of interesting games that you can get for free in the play store. That's some android applications that you must have. In order not to disrupt the smartphone work system you should customize the application you istall with smartphone specifications you have.
Description: The mandatory application of android can be downloaded in the play store and installed to your smarphone to facilitate the work and facilitate communication other than as a medium of entertainment.

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