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Protein is one of the important substances that affect the formation of muscle volume, this protein requirement does not occur during the exercise, but will be more needed after the training period. This is overlooked by the fitness mania, many of whom are only concerned with protein intake during the course of exercise which will certainly burn out during training sessions. And muscle formation is ultimately disrupted due to lack of protein intake in the body.
How to address it? When you attend a practice session, you will generally be asked to consume a variety of muscle supplements, this is not wrong because supplements are needed to meet the nutrients that can not be met only by eating food alone. For those of you who are looking for supplements to support your workout, Prostar 100% Casein can be a quick and precise solution, why is that?
Prostar 100% Casein benefits
Prostar 100% Casein is a special muscle supplement made with low absorbency so it will continue to provide protein intake for the body. When you consume these supplements with intensive exercise then there are some benefits you can get, namely:
• Provides a continuous protein intake of up to 7 hours
• Muscle volume will remain consistent and not decrease during recovery period
• The process of muscle recovery faster
• increase endurance and strengthen bones with the presence of calcium in Prostar 100% Casein
Not only that, like other products, Prostar 100% Casein also has several advantages, which include:
• Contains 2 types of digestible protein that can meet the protein needs over time
• Contains BCAA which can accelerate post-exercise muscle recovery
• Accelerate muscle development while preventing muscle shrinkage
How to Consume Prostar 100% Casein
To give maximum results, you can consume Prostar 100% Casein 2-3 times a day, especially before bed by mixing 2 spoons Prostar 100% Casein with 250 ml cold water.
Description: Prostar 100% Casein is a solution that can help you accelerate muscle growth while keeping it from shrinking during recovery.

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