How to Cultivate Matoa Fruit

Matoa is one type of fruit plant originating from Papua, but the fruit matoa demand by people in all parts of Indonesia. This matoa fruit has some special characteristics of the flesh is chewy and a little soft, but some varieties of fruit matoa have a more dry texture and chewy like aceh fruit. Matoa plants can grow anywhere, because it is easy to adapt in hot or cold areas. In addition, this tree is also more resistant to pests and diseases. Therefore the cultivation of the fruit of matoa is considered very potential and profitable.
Matoa Fruit Cultivation Technique
The cultivation of the fruit of matoa can be developed in two ways, namely by generative use of seeds, and by vegetative means through transplanting. Both ways have their respective advantages and disadvantages. But most people choose the vegetative way to cultivate this plant, because the cultivation process is faster, compared to using generative way by planting the seed of matoa fruit which certainly takes a very long time, can reach up to 6 years from planting time.
The cultivation of the fruit of matoa vegetatively dilakuakan by grafting the parent plant. You can transplant yourself or buy ready-made plant seeds. For the process of planting in this way you need to pay attention is when removal of seedlings you should do carefully, it is not advisable to move the plant by doing the retraction. The plant should be moved along with the soil used as a nursery medium, so as not to disrupt the growth and development of plant seeds. Therefore polybag planting media is more recommended to cultivate this plant Matoa. How to plant with this media should use organic fertilizer, urea fertilizer, SP fertilizer and lime mixed with soil and made into one. In addition to better development, how to plant with polybag is also more ease in the transfer of seeds.
How to Maintenance of Matoa Fruit cultivation
How to maintain this Matoa plant is very easy. This is what makes the business of fruit cultivation more interesting matoa. For your maintenance simply clean the pest plants, do the embroidery on new seedlings, as well as menjag planting space for plants to grow properly. In addition you also need to be aware of pests and diseases that can damage the plants, such as leaf flies and bats that like to eat matoa fruit that has been cooked. To reduce this pest attack by spraying periodically.
This matoa fruit you can harvest after 6-7 months or in accordance with your treatment. In order not to damage the fruit, the process of harvesting can be done with a direct buyer or using a mesh tool. So the review related to the way of fruit cultivation of matoa that we can convey, may be useful ..
Description: cultivation of fruit matoa is one of the potential cultivation of fruit, because in addition to the many desirable, the treatment of this plant is also very easy

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