How To Overcome Forgot Google + Password

Google Account is one of the important features in smarphone that can be used to access all internet services like Gmail, Google Maps, Play Store and so forth. But internet access is often disrupted due to us forget the password google + and feel panic made. Although impressed trivial, but this often makes a lot of people overwhelmed made. For those of you who forget the google + password, you can immediately see the guide and rearrange it from your android device.
How to Recover Google + Password
If you forget your google + password, Google gives you several options to recover your Google+ password that you can access directly through your smartphone. The first way is to use account recovery page ie Google Account Recovery, this process will be easier if you have included your phone number, because google will immediately reset your google account. But if not you can google will check your identity to recover account. Once your identity is complete you will receive a verification code to generate a new password.
How to recover a google account by forgetting google + password next is by filling out a password recovery form. This will be done if you do not have contact person or email that can be contacted. You will be asked to fill in a number of questions related to your account including security questions. After you enter the email address that you often contact and google application you use next select the submit button to submit your form and will serega confirmed by google.
The last way you can do is to use a password recovery program. When you forget your google + password you can download this recovery program to find the login information stored on your smartphone. Although quite dangerous, but this application is quite effective to recover google account. So some ways to overcome password google + password, hopefully useful ..
Description: forgetting the google + password is what has happened, and you can recover it in some way that Google has provided.

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