How to Plant Aloe Vera In Pot

Aloe vera L. Webb or we are familiar with aloe vera is a medicinal plant that is quite familiar with the characteristics of the leaves are shaped rather spiky-shaped spurs, thick, and the edges of spines. Sekulen plants originating from Africa has long been developed as a drug since hundreds of years ago. This is not separated because of the diversity of benefits contained in it. Where in addition to functioning to beautify your garden, aloe vera plants also have various benefits for health and for beauty.
Along with the increasing understanding of the community related to the benefits of this aloe vera, demand is increasing. This makes the prospect of culturing the tongue more profitable. In addition to easy in perwatan, market demand continues to increase both domestic demand and export demand, no wonder if now many farmers who are interested to cultivate this aloe vera plant. There are several types of aloe vera plants that are cultivated for having high commercial value, which among others are Aloe ferox originating from Africa, Aloe Barbandensis from America and Aloe Sinensis originating from China. Of the three types of aloe vera ALoe Barbandensis has the best cultivation quality, with a larger size and has resistance to pests and diseases.
Technique of Aloe Vera Planting in Media Pot
Aloe vera planting technique with pot or polybag media is almost the same as planting potted plants in general, which among others can dilakuakan with the following stages:
1. Preparing for Planting
At this early stage there are some things that you should prepare, among others are:
• Pots or polybags
The selection of pots is one of the determinants of plant growth. To make plants grow optimally, large pots are helpful, but the size of the pot that is too large is also less efficient. For that choose a medium-sized pot, with a diameter of 20 cm to minimize the cost and place.

Growing media
Planting media is a place to grow crops, so the planting media should really be considered with the right composition for plant growth is not inhibited. For the media of Aloe vera plants, planting medium that you should prepare include sand, soil and manure with a ratio of 2: 1: 1.

• Seedling
Once the pot and planting media is ready, next is the nursery. The process of planting of aloe vera plant is done by vegetative way, that is by taking tiller attached to parent plant. To take it, you must take the seedlings of this aloe plant until the root. Next plant aloe vera seeds on the planting medium you have provided. To avoid cropping or spoilage, the depth of planting media should be considered, not too deep or too shallow. For that the depth of the planting hole should be about 10 cm.

2. Treatment
This treatment process begins after you have planted. For the treatment of aloe vera plants is quite easy, namely by considering the following points:
After you plant the seeds of aloe vera, give pause a few days before you do watering because it will affect the risk of root decay. After a few days, you can start regular watering especially in the summer to accelerate growth.
• Fertilization
Fertilization can be started at the age of planting about 3-4 months and after the first harvest. The purpose of this fertilizer is to meet the needs of potassium and nitrogen elements for the formation of chlorophyll or green leaf substances, forming plant tissue and stimulate the growth and development of plant roots. The fertilizer that can be used is a combination of urea, TSP and KCL with a ratio of 1: 1: ½ composition. In addition to chemical fertilizers, you can also provide compost and manure from cow dung to improve the structure of planting media.
• Reconstruction and tearing
Raising or elevating the planting medium is done to strengthen the plant, this step can be done when the plant is 3 months old. While the tearing or separation of the parent plants of the parent can be done when the planting period aged 5-6 months. Separation of this plant aims to maintain the growth of breeding crops.
• Control of pests and diseases
Excess media planting pots or polybags is the lack of weed and disease attacks. For aloe vera plant captured in pot media or polybag pests are the most disturbing is the caterpillar, while the disease that can attack aloe vera plant is fusarium sp which is the decay of the base of the stem and leaf base. To be able to avoid these two problems you can spray insecticides and functions to avoid caterpillar attacks and avoid fusarium sp. And the first harvest can be done after aloe vera plants aged 8-12 months, and then harvesting can be done

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