How to Plant Kangkung Darat In Polybag

Kangkung or which has a latin name Ipomoea Aquatica Forsk is one type of vegetables that are found in Indonesia, especially in the area of ​​rice fields or rivers. And cultivation kankung be one of the vegetable cultivation is considered very promising, in addition to the very easy maintenance, kankung fans are also quite high, making it more profitable. In addition kangkung also meruapakan one of the green vegetables rich in nutrients, and has many health benefits.
Benefits of Kale
Kangkung is one of the vegetables that can be processed into various kinds of food with good taste, in addition in a variety of kangkung kangkung also diandunga benefits such as Selenium, Zinc, Iron, Vitamin A, Vitamin C and fiber that can effectively maintain endurance and able to treat various diseases such as insomnia, constipation to prevent anemia or low blood. In addition, water spinach is also believed to maintain liver and intestinal health from a variety of parasites that can interfere with health. Various benefits is what makes kangkung always be a daily necessity of the people of Indonesia. And there's nothing wrong for you to try to cultivate this kangkung vegetables in your house.
Kangkuang Type Can Be Cultivated
There are two types of kangkung that can be cultivated in Indonesia, among others dalah kangkung land and water spinach. Both types of kale have different characteristics. For ground kangkung the characteristic of the stem is smaller and greenish white color, besides it has a softer leaf with white flower color, and as the name suggests, this ground kangkung can grow in a dry place. While watercress has a bigger stems and dark green, but it has a wider and harder leaves with reddish-white flowers. In addition, this type of watercress is also grown ditemapt tend to wet like swamps, rivers or puddles fields of rice fields.
Cultivation of kale
Cultivation of water spinach is one way of vegetable cultivation is the easiest dilakuka, because this plant is able to grow hot and cold climates and can thrive throughout the year. So that the harvesting process can be done periodically in the short period of the year in a short time that is only within 4-6 weeks just from the time of planting. Although basically vegetable kangkung planted in a large area and open, but it does not mean that kangkung plants can not be planted in limited areas such as home yards. In fact you can also cultivate this kale vegetables by utilizing the pots in the house or use polybags.
How To Cultivate Kangkung In Polybag
Basically not only vegetables that can be planted in kangkung pots, and the way of planting vegetables kangkung inipun same way as planting other plants in polybags. For the type of vegetable kangkung in accordance with this system is the type of water kangkung because it does not require a lot of water. And the stages of planting you can do is as follows:
1. Preparation of kale seedlings
The first step you should do is the selection of superior seeds. This breeding process can be done in two ways, namely by generative method by using seed and vegetative way by using cuttings. Selection of seedlings is very important to determine the quality of vegetables, for that select seeds that are free from pests and diseases and come from a variety of quality.
If you use seeds from the seeds, then before planting should be done first seeding by preparing a seedbed place that has been sprinkled with compost and manure, after one day silence, sprinkle kangkung seeds evenly, then cover again with soil. To keep the seeding moisture, close the peacock or leaves with a distance of 20-30 cm from the surface of the seedlings. Wait until the seeds have leaves up to 3-4 strands.
2. Preparation of polybag planting media
For planting place, you can use polybag, flowerpot, plastic pot or used unused container which previously has been given water absorption hole first. Next to the planting medium, mix the loose soil with manure or compost with a ratio of 2: 1. Stir well and put in pots up to 3/4 parts. Allow up to 1-2 days for soil conditions to stabilize before planting.
3. Planting
After seed and planting media ready, then you can move the seeds that have been ready to the planting medium by making a 10-15 cm deep hole for planting. You can enter 2 seeds of kangguang plants on each polybag hole. For each polybag you can make 3 holes for planting kale vegetables.
4. Treatment
Treatment of vegetable kangkung is basically the same as taking care of other plants, namely by giving pen

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