Is Normal Normal 2 Days?

Menstrual cycle is one thing that is quite confusing for women, especially if the menstrual cycle is not regular. There are some menstrual disorders experienced by women, but not all symptoms experienced indicate a health hazard, one of which is menstruation for only 2 days. Normal menstrual or menstrual cycles occur in the range of 2-8 days, so if you have a menstrual period of only 2 days would not need to feel too worried considering it is still within normal limits.
But due to lack of knowledge, most women often feel restless when menstruation is too long or too short. If medically menstruation is only 2 days is considered normal because the normal limit of menstruation is counted 2-8 days. In Islam is also determined if the woman's menstrual period is one day and one night until the maximum limit of 15 days and 15 nights. So can be ascertained if you experience this, you do not need to worry, you should know is what lies behind the duration of this menstrual period.
Causes of Menstrual Period Only 2 Days
There are several factors that can cause menstruation for only 2 days. The first factor is the psychological factor. As we know psychological factors greatly affect a person's physical condition one of which is affecting the hormone system in the body. If someone experiences anxiety or emotional excessive, it results in menstrual blood that comes out a little, even can result until can not menstruasi at all if psychiatric conditions are very unstable.
The second factor that can result in menstruation for only 2 days is a physical factor. These physical causes can be divided into two, ie physical factors that are affected by instantaneous conditions such as fatigue and physical conditions that are affected by the disease. If the body is exhausted then it can affect the hormone system, especially when accompanied by stress that makes menstrual blood out a bit. And the cause of menstrual fsisik just 2 days later is due to disease factors. There are some diseases that can cause the release of menstrual blood are only a few, among others, such as cyst disease, hormonal disorders, or due to damage to the system of reproductive organs.
Factors that cause the least menstrual blood that last exit is a lifestyle, especially when sleeping. Although impressed trivial, but this is very impact on the hormonal cycle in the body, especially for menstrual problems. Not only lack of sleep, the use of contraceptives also greatly affect the reproductive system that affects the least menstrual blood out. If you are using contraception and your menstrual period is not regular or just a little out, it is understandable, because your hormone production is hampered.
What to Watch Out Of Menstruation Just 2 Days
These are some of the factors that cause menstrual periods of 2 days, and you should be aware if your period is also accompanied by some symptoms such as irregular menstrual cycles and less than 21 days or more than 35 days, the type of blood that comes out is not normal, slimy and clot with a much greater amount than the normal condition of 30 ml per day. Has no menstrual period, as well as experiencing severe cramps or hip pain during menstruation that can not be cured by the drug. Thus information related to menstruation is only 2 days, may be useful ..
Description: Menstruation for only 2 days is normal, and will become abnormal if irregular cycles coupled with the type of abnormal menstrual bleeding

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