Know The Characteristics And Tricks Of Psychotest Testing Wartegg

Wartegg psychotest test is one of psychotest test which is often tested by company for new employee selection. This test is unlike any other type of psychological test, which asks you to choose an appropriate answer. Almost the same as the draw test or drawing test that participants are usually asked to draw trees, houses and people. In this test participants are asked to pour creativity and imagination to draw on the box provided, where in each box there is a character that must be developed.
Characteristics of Psychotest Test Wartegg
Wartegg psychotest test is a test that is made to determine the personality of the candidates through the results of the image they make and they want. In this test there are 8 boxes, in each box there is a particular form or pattern that should be followed by the test participants in accordance with the wishes of the participants. In this wartegg test there are two categories of drawing pattern, ie straight line pattern contained in box number 3,4,5,6 and curved pattern pattern which is in box number 1,2,7,8.
Tips on Working Psychotest Test Wartegg
To be able to do a wartegg psychotest test with good results, you can work out the easiest pattern first. Next sequence of drawings in sequence and random. You can do it in sequence 1,2,3,4,8,7,6,5. But adjust also with the workmanship instructions. This sequence is quite important because it is viewed as a scale of attitudes and priorities of a person in his job. Next to the image pattern you should draw a live object for the curved pattern and the dead object for a straight line pattern so as not to seem stiff.
In addition, you need to know some people also argue that for those who are male sex will be considered to have sex disorders when doing picture number 5 first. draw as creatively as possible to show your intelligence, and should avoid erasing too often as it will highlight your side of doubt. Those are some tricks in psychotes wartegg test, hopefully useful ...
Description: Wartegg psychotest test is a test of drawing ability based on desire and creativity to see personality of person.
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