Menstruation Over 2 Weeks? Dangerous ??

Menstruation is a monthly routine of most women who are in productive age. This condition is perfectly normal. But what if during menstruation or menstrual period there are some abnormal conditions, such as menstruation for more than 2 weeks? Is this still normal or includes a distraction to watch out for? Lack of knowledge related to menstrual disorders often make women feel anxious to frustrated. For that reason on this occasion we will provide answers to your questions related to excessive menstrual disorders.
Menstruation more than 2 weeks in the medical world known as Menoragia or hipermenorea which is more menstrual disorders compared with normal conditions. Under normal conditions, menstruation lasts for 2-8 days in a cycle that lasts between 21-35 days with an average of 30 ml of blood per day. But if the menstrual period lasts more than 8 days with bleeding that exceeds 80 ml per day then this can be regarded as an abnormal menstrual disorders and should be wary of.
Symptoms of Menorrhagia Disorder
There are several symptoms that can indicate a person experiencing menorrhagia disorder. In addition to menstruation for more than 2 weeks, there are some symptoms that you are cautious, such as menstrual blood in the form of blood clots, anemia disorders during menstruation due to considerable blood loss, to the amount of blood that comes out until you have to replace it every hour. If you experience some menstrual symptoms for more than 2 weeks, you should immediately see a doctor.
Causes of Menorrhagia Disorder
There are several factors that can cause menstrual disorders for more than 2 weeks. The first factor is the presence of reproductive organ abnormalities such as reproductive tract infections, blood clotting disorders due to protombin fever, von willebrand disease and so on, and can be caused by organ dysfunction such as renal failure or chronic liver disease which can result in disruption of blood clots and decline the hormone estrogen that affects the disorder of menorrhagia.
The factors that cause menstruation for more than 2 weeks are due to hormonal disorders. Hormonal abnormalities such as thyroid gland disorders and adrenal glands, anovulatory cycles, obesity pituitary tumors, or polycystic ovarian syndrome are endocrine hormone disorders that can cause menorrhagia. In addition there are many factors that can cause menorrhagia such as uterine anatomical abnormalities caused by uterine myoma, ragim wall cancer, endometrial hyperplasia, or polyps. Not only that the consumption of IUD, or drugs in the long term, especially anti-inflammatory drugs, chemotherapy drugs, or anticoagulant drugs can also cause menstrual cycles disrupted and even excessive.
To determine the exact cause of the background of menstruation for more than 2 weeks, you should immediately check to the doctor for further examination. For middle-aged women who approach the age of menopause, this condition is quite natural and do not need treatment, because it will heal by itself. But for those who are still in productive age, especially if it occurs in adolescence, of course should be done in-depth examination. If a cervical abnormality is found, surgery should be performed. However, if caused by hormonal factors, it can be a treatment or drug replacement therapy to make the menstrual cycle back to normal. Thus information related to menstrual disorders more than 2 weeks that we can convey, hopefully be useful ..
Description: Menstruation of more than 2 weeks is a menstrual disorder that needs to be anticipated, one of which is to know the symptoms and causes in order to get the appropriate treatment.

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