Recognize Causes Late Coming Months Up To 10 Days

What's in your mind when you have a 10-day period? For those of you who are married, the first thing to think about is the possibility for pregnancy. But you need to know, late coming months are not always a sign of pregnancy, because there are many factors that lie behind the coming months. Menstrual cycle is the most fundamental thing in the female reproductive system, for that fertility becomes an absolute thing for women. And here we provide a review for you.
Causes Late Coming Month
The cause of menstruation for up to 10 days can be caused by several factors. The first factor is the result of stress. When the body is in a state of stress hormone production will be reduced which makes the cycle comes months inhibited, but along with the condition of the body that improved, the menstrual period will return to normal. Physical factors also greatly affect the condition of body fatigue or pain in a long time can make a person late menstruation 10 days, but this is temporary, because it will directly recover if the condition of the body has returned to health.
In addition to physical conditions that are too thin or too fat too also affect the menopause 10 days. Body condition that is too fat will cause the production of stunted hormones can even be completely stopped. Menstrual cycle will return to normal if weight down and balanced. Similar to obesity, too thin body can also inhibit the coming months so that the menstrual cycle becomes irregular and even can be completely stopped. For that it is very important for you to maintain the balance of body weight to balance the production of hormones in the body.
The cause of late menstruation the next 10 days is a hormonal factor. Pre-menopausal conditions are a transition from productive age to a non-productive age or known as menopause. Which at this time the hormone becomes unstable condition that affects the late menstrual cycle up to 10 days, an uncertain amount, sometimes a lot or a little and menstrual period is not stabilized. And the peak condition is the age of menopause, where the woman's menstrual period will stop completely.
Late coming months up to 10 days is also influenced by lifestyle. Irregular lifestyle, such as eating patterns, or break time that mess will also affect the smoothness of your monthly menstrual cycle, especially if not accompanied by enough exercise. Not only that, the consumption of drugs will also affect the menstrual cycle of women, especially when taking drugs for chemotherapy. And the cause of late last month is due to pregnancy factors. To ensure this pregnancy, need to be tested either by using testpack or more definitely by checking it to the midwife or obstetrician.
How to Expedite the Menstrual Cycle
To launch an irregular menstrual cycle, you can do several ways that include keeping the diet. If you experience 10 days of menstruation it is better you consume foods that can normalize hormones and menstrual cycles such as pineapple, papaya fruit, mango fruit, or celery leaves to smooth blood circulation. The next step is to keep your weight balanced, not too fat or too thin. In addition you can also consume enough vitamin C to affect the production of the hormone estrogen.
Description: Late menstruation 10 days is not always a sign of a pregnancy, but it can also be caused by several factors, whether physical, psychological, hormonal and lifestyle factors.

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