The 5 Most Used Android Applications

The development of smartphones is growing rapidly along with the increasingly fierce market competition. And the vendors are competing to equip their latest products with the latest applications, one of which is to pin the android OS. Android operating system is now the latest operating system, especially the latest operating system is also equipped with various applications android most poved the yan its users.
What are the Most Popular Android Apps
Android has a variety of applications that support daily activities, in addition to some applications that diusungnya also become one of the popular applications are always hunted by the devotees. What are the most popular and most used applications of smartphone users? The most popular android apps of the first are BBM or BackBerry Messenger. Although this app is not a default application android, but this BBM application is widely downloaded and used as a social media most favored by smartphone users.
In addition to BBM, android applications most in demand next is WhatApps Messenger which is the most instant messaging application that is used by most android-based smartphone users. In addition, making this application more popular is a new feature that is very interesting, so its users not only can send a message, but also can exchange data such as pictures and sound. And the next application is very popular up to now is the camera 360 applications. Although now has bermunjulan various similar applications, but the Camera 360 is still one of the most favored applications by smartphone users.
Still struggling in social media, Line became the most popular android applications next. Almost the same as other messaging apps, this media can also be used to send pictures, sound to video, even this line application also has a video call feature that you can use to communicate media. And the last application that is most widely used to date is facebook. Those are some of the most popular and popular apps used for the past year, hopefully useful.
Description: The most popular android apps are still around social media which is always a favorite application of its users to socialize and communicate with family, friends or colleagues.

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