Bandung Harjo village in Jepara is a village located on the north shore of the island of Java where there are many important file arrangements relating to regional interests in it, but the staff do not know much about the information of the letter or document. Usually employees know that the letter is only in residence or placed in the place of the letter.
Data is an important aspect in supporting an agency or village office. Often the data owned is only used as inventory without the use of the data. The official office is of course very much needed by the community in providing services for printing death certificates, birth certificates, making letters of submission of financial assistance to open a business, and so forth. However, this condition requires appropriate services to find the location of official offices and procedures before making an application letter. Further data processing is needed as the right solution in handling services in the Jepara regional offices in particular. The data used as processed data is location-based service data (LBS), where an information service that can be accessed using mobile devices through internet networks and cellular telephones using a GPS system Factors that affect include the location of official offices, the distance to the nearest kelurahan or sub-district office closest, and other factors that determine. (Devie Rosa Anamisa, and Aeri Rachmad, 2015)
Currently, Android smartphone technology has become a human need that has been very widely used. With the existence of an information system about important service offices on smartphone devices, of course it will make it easier for users of government services that require various information needed, with these maps the search can be accurate and precise automatically with the demands to follow the current technological developments.
Along with the increase in community mobility and the high demand for information in the form of maps, GIS (Geographic Information System) is one of the fields of geodesy or mapping that has now been used in various needs Supported by the development of technology, people always try to create something useful to facilitate their activities even technology can replace roles in certain functions, (GunitaMustikaHati et al., 2013)
Technology plays an important role in the era of modernization as it is today, where technology has become an inseparable part of everyday life. Current technological developments have penetrated into all aspects of life so that today it seems as if the community has been spoiled by the tools that can provide convenience in daily activities. One of them is handphone, which is marked by the birth of smartphone technology.
The advantages of smartphone devices are the existence of integrated GPS (Global Positioning System) technology. This makes it easy for developers to utilize the geographical values ​​of GPS technology in the form of coordinates to develop Location Based Service (LBS) applications. So that it can provide user position information, anything close to the user, the direction of the route to a location, and others.

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