The Most Popular Culinary Tourism in Bandung

Tired of nature tours in Bandung, now is the time for you to enjoy a variety of local culinary destinations. And on the occasion we will invite you to see the culinary places of Bandung that are favorite and famous for their taste.

1. Floating Market
Presented with the floating market concept like the floating market in Banjarmasin, in addition to offering high-flavored local culinary tours of the archipelago, this tourist area also presents the beauty of interesting natural attractions. With a traditional concept combined with modern facilities, this tourist spot quickly attracted the attention of tourists, making it one of the most popular culinary destinations in Bandung. To enter the floating market area, you only need to pay an entrance ticket of Rp. 10,000 per person. In addition to culinary tourism you can also enjoy various outbound rides such as rabbit parks, goose gardens, rural Leuit villages complete with fruit and vegetable gardens, and can get around the lake on a rental boat.
2. Paskal Food market
Besides being a shopping paradise, Bandung is also a paradise for archipelago food lovers, no need to be expensive, because there are many cheap and comfortable eating places here, one of which is Paskal food market which is located at Paskal Hyper Square, Jl. Pasir Kaliki No. 25-27 Bandung. This dining place is always crowded with visitors, because there are more than 100 food vendors from local specialties from Bandung, traditional Indonesian to international food that you can enjoy. The atmosphere will be more romantic at night with very beautiful torch lights arranged. Because the price is very affordable starting from Rp. 10,000, Paskal food market is also a favorite place for young people to eat.
Thus are some of the destinations of Terfavotit natural attractions in Bandung along with culinary tours that you can visit with family, friends or partners. How? Very interesting and spoil the eyes right? So don't miss it. Enjoy the cool, beautiful atmosphere typical of the countryside with its appetizing culinary offerings here. Hopefully the information we have conveyed can be useful and become a recommendation for tourist attractions when visiting Bandung ...
Description: Bandung is one of the favorite tourist destinations for domestic and foreign tourists because of its amazing natural panorama and its local culinary delights.

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