Various Minimalist 2-storey House Models

Having a beautiful and comfortable residence is everyone's dream. However, to have a perfect occupancy, of course, it requires quite a lot of money, so that many people discourage it because of limited costs. And to overcome this, a minimalist concept is presented to realize everyone's dream of a dream home. The model of a 2-storey minimalist house is a concept that is presented to reduce the area of ​​land used to make a building, besides that the 2-storey concept is also intended to maximize the function of the room, and meet the needs of space for all family members. The concept of this house is very suitable to be built in urban areas that do not have large land for the construction of houses.
Variations of the Latest 2-storey Minimalist House Models
The concept of a minimalist home is certainly not the thing for you, but before building it there are several types of minimalist 2-storey houses that you must understand, which include a simple 2-storey minimalist house, a luxurious 2-storey minimalist house and a classic 2-storey minimalist house. And among them, the concept of a minimalist house with a simple concept is still a favorite, because it feels able to maximize the function of the house in meeting the needs of the occupants of the house.
As for the latest 2-storey minimalist house model with a luxurious concept aimed at displaying a modern concept with emphasis on aesthetic aspects. In addition, the right design concept will also make the house a luxurious and exclusive residence. This is not much different from the concept of a classic 2-storey minimalist house which is also one type of minimalist house that is classified as luxurious, this can be seen from the use of large and towering pillars that make it look artistic, sturdy and very elegant.
Interior Design and Exterior of a Minimalist 2-storey House
To make the appearance of a beautiful house outside and comfortable inside, you should pay attention to the interior design and minimalist home exterior design. For those of you who are building a house with a minimalist 2-storey concept, you can apply several aspects in its exterior design. The first is to determine the model of a minimalist 2-storey terrace house. To make the house look fresh with enough air supply you can make a small garden on the terrace of the house, and make a balcony that can also be a relaxing place with your family.
In addition to the terrace model, the minimalist 2-storey roof model also has a different design from the home model in general, for a minimalist 2-storey house you can model a roof stack, shield model or a higher taper roof model. Both models of this roof will greatly help to facilitate air circulation in the house. In addition, the roof model that is made taper or stacked also looks different and more artistic. What you need to consider in determining the model of a minimalist house roof is water flow and security. The roof model must have resistance to rain and heat, do not inhibit the flow of water from above, and can protect the occupants of the house and all the interior of the house as a whole.
And to make the appearance of the house look more perfect, you also have to pay attention to the look of the house from the outside. The minimalist 2-storey house front model is quite simple, because this type of minimalist house is generally only dominated by horizontal fields and vertical fields. Besides that, there is also minimal ornamentation. To beautify it you can give a fresh and modern impression from the selection of bright house paint. Besides that, you can also beautify the front look of a minimalist garden with a fence that is suitable for your minimalist home.
In addition to the exterior design, the minimalist 2-storey home interior design is also a determining factor in the comfort of the residents of the house. Because the concept is minimalist, then the room that is made in general has a multifunction, and to avoid fatigue and full impression, then the selection of furniture and wall paint must be really considered. Home furnishings should be chosen according to needs, besides that the size is also not too large because it will make the room seem narrow. In addition to making the impression of a fresher air circulation and lighting must also be considered, you can make openings to make air circulation out and out smoothly. As for the choice of wall paint, you can choose ivory, white, gray or cream to get the impression of being more organized, or combining it with brighter colors.

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