Recognizing the 2 Brave Ground Color Palettes as Dulux Color of the Year 2021 PART 2

Timeless Colors

Another color palette from Brave Ground which is Dulux Color the Year 2021 is timeless colors.

The color choices for the timeless colors are brown and yellow, with gradations and variations of these two colors.

The colors in this timeless colors palette are monarch gold, bitter creek, brave ground,

Llama white, European white, soft copper, spiced honey, Scottish green, winter's silence, to spider's web.The colors in this palette live up to their name, colors that seem timeless.You can apply this color choice to walls, not only for wall accents.These colors and color gradations are indeed bright colors that can enhance your residential interior design.Earth Colors

The final color palette in brave ground as Dulux Color of the Year 2021 is earth colors.

The colors included in the earth colors palette are black mica, midnight garden,Brave ground, blueberry mash, mild wind, neptunes depths, approaching storm, blueberry bud, swordplay, to tranquil dawn.This color palette has shades of blue and also its gradations, there are various variations of blue, there are also black colors.The choice of blue and variations of color gradations is indeed suitable for choice of residential interior walls.Bright colors are certainly the right choice to beautify the walls of the house, they can also be accents.Many choices of color palettes that can be adjusted for interior design of home walls in 2021.

Well, you don't need to worry anymore if you want to choose a paint color for your house because there is a brave ground as Dulux Color of the Year 2021.

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