Recognizing the 4 Brave Ground Color Palettes as Dulux Color of the Year 2021 PART 1

 Global paint company AkzoNobel has released a Color of the Year 2021 selection for the Dulux brand.

Brave ground is the choice and this color has four different color palettes.

AkzoNobel chose Brave ground as Dulux Color of the Year 2021 for a number of reasons.

Faced with this color choice can revive everyday life and bring courage in welcoming change.

The four color palettes are expressive colors, trust colors, timeless colors, and earth colors.

Each color palette has ten different color choices that can be adapted to the interior design.

1. Expressive Colors

The expressive colors palette has ten bold color choices that range from red to purple.Expressive colors include canterbury lane, red bluff, lavender meadow,Tibet tan, modern luxury, tea dance, downing street, african glow, brave ground, to burning sky.This bright, expressive color choice can be applied to home interior designs such as bedrooms, kitchens, living rooms, and others.

If you really like bold and expressive colors then this color palette is just the thing.Or you can also apply the color to one part of the wall as an accent.Then you can mix and match this expressive colors palette with other color palettes.

2. Trust Colors

The next palette in Brave Ground is trust colors which also have a wide range of colors.The color choices in these trust colors are indeed more brown in color and have different shades of color, dark brown.The colors on this trust colors palette are slate brown, tobacco brown, brave ground,Light taupe, silver quill, century brown, urban road, vintage coins, fossil gray, to white buck colors.This color is indeed brown in color and can also be applied to various interior designs at home.The right color choice for the room because this color can be an accent color for one part of the wall.For an example of this choice of a brave ground color palette from Dulux Color the Year 2021, you can see it in a few pictures.

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