What is Coding? Here's the explanation for beginners

 Along with the development of the digital industry in Indonesia, coding is one of the skills that companies really need. Therefore, it's no wonder that there are now so many schools that specifically teach the ins and outs of what coding is and how to use it.

People who have coding skills are commonly referred to as programmers or developers. They work by compiling a sequence of code called a programming language. The arrangement of these codes can then be used into software in various forms.

What is Coding?

Like humans, computers also have a way of communicating. The language used by computers is not human language, but code or machine language.

The structure of machine language is very simple, consisting of only two numbers, namely the digits 0 and 1, commonly called the binary form.

You can indeed give instructions to the computer using machine language. It's just that this method is very impractical and takes a long time.

As a solution, a programming language was born that made communication with computers easier.

In simple language, coding is an activity that programmers carry out to communicate with computers.

Without coding from the programmer, the computer can do nothing, just a regular pile of iron.

Today, you can find programming languages ​​available in a wide variety of types. According to Code Conquest, several popular programming languages ​​include C ++, Python, Java, Ruby, and others.

Every programming language has different writing rules — known as syntax.

Examples of programming languages ​​in simple form, you can see below:

Print ("Welcome")

In that code, the programmer instructs the computer to write the word "Welcome" in the Python programming language. When writing the code, there were 3 steps that occurred, namely:

The programmer gives the command to write "Welcome", with the command: print ("Welcome").

The code is then compiled so that it is turned into machine code that can be understood by computers.

Finally, the computer will execute the command code and write the word Welcome to the screen.

The important thing that you need to pay attention to when writing programming language code is related to syntax. Every programming language has strict rules for writing code. If there is a writing error, the code will not compile.

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